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My Passion

My passion is reading. I love to read is like something I can do all day. I love reading all types of stuff like magazines, newspapers, books, and a lot of articles. The books I mostly like to read are non-fictions, real life stories, fiction, mysteries, and romantic books. I mostly like reading romantic and real life books because I learn from them about life and love.

I read like in a year about 50 books. When I babysit my little cousins I always read to them their baby book and they enjoy it and I do to. Every time I have free time to read I take the chance and do it because I feel like by reading my brain process more information and I expand my mind into learning new vocabulary. I read because it`s an escape from the ordinary into a new world, a change of pace and a chance to be with myself. I read because it`s a fundamental skill that I never want to lose. I read because I know that I have so much to learn, despite being educated.

Reading is one of the few activities left that allows individuals to have visions, experiences and emotions through their own sense of interpretation. It allows for a completely imaginary existence between the reader and the written word. We learn to read and interpret text at a very young age, many learning the alphabet before kindergarten. Most of us truly enjoy reading at this stage in our life - yet when does this turn awry? When can one pinpoint the moment they found reading a chore? Was it when we graduated from Dr. Seuss to global history text books? Or maybe, it was even before that. Maybe it was when we began to have to read text as an assignment and not as enjoyment. Anything assigned most likely loses its ability to be thought-provoking and fun at a young age.

Reading also allows for development of the mind. By reading, I am continuously learning about something new. Beyond this feeding my naturally curious personality, it also helps me understand real life situations better, as I have been given a view point that I did not have prior to reading. We have the interactive Internet to rely on now, and with all the links and advertisements that surround my article, I am surprised you are still reading it. Reading is the one activity that allows us to slow down in our fast paced worlds, even if just for a minute. And that`s good enough for me to continue reading.