Girly Backgrounds Irony


Irony is an literary term, It is an implied discrepancy between what is said an what is meant.Irony is something that happens that is completely unexpected is something that justs happens. Irony affects my life each day because not everyday I have something plan each day of my life is unexpected. When I was younger I didn`t live with my parent I was raised by my grandmother. I consider my life involves irony because you would think parent are suppose to be responsible and caring for their child well in my case it was totally opposite just like irony.

The poem "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson is about a man name Richard Cory who was a rich man maybe one of the riches in the town. He was a shy man who was very humble. He was a gentleman from head to toe he dressed to impress. He was a man who kept to him self and when people would talk to him he fluttered with his words he was really one of them weird guy. The people of his town would think of him as a king because he was so rich and had very good education most of the town wanted to feel what it felt to be in his shoes. I find this poem leading to irony because in the poem describes Richard Cory as weird but personal man and it shock me at the end when he killed himself. The reason why this poem resembles irony because his death was unexpected it was like Richard Cory was so perfect that it was very surprising how he took his own life away.

The story "The Necklace" by GUY de MAUPASSANT resembles irony because is about a girl who had no expectation for her self she just did what she thought was right for her. The woman was so focused on looking like the other woman, rich and beautiful, she forget who she is trying to be someone else. She borrows a necklace thinking about how she wants to impress people and ends up loosing it. Then had to replace it with money they did not have, and it took her and her husband ten years to finally pay it off. This girl thought replacing the necklace with another that looked familiar but for her to find out it wasn't worth it that it was just all fake is just so ironic. This is irony because the girl that thought her self as nothing realize even the people that have something at the end just never get what they wanted just like irony.
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